Central Arizona Conservation Alliance

Caring for desert preserves


A powerful partnership

The Desert Botanical Garden is the coordinator and leader of the Central Arizona Conservation Alliance. The Central Arizona Conservation Alliance is a partnership of scientists, land managers, educators, community liaisons, and conservation-based non-profit organizations committed to the ecological and recreational sustainability of the mountain park preserves in and around the Phoenix metropolitan area. The Conservation Alliance's vision is a sustainable preserve system that supports healthy ecosystems and provides beautiful, safe open spaces for recreation, education, and relaxation.

By establishing strong working relationships between and among members of the Alliance, aligning efforts, developing the appropriate programs and mechanisms to move priority actions forward, and through fostering community engagement in the study, restoration and promotion of the preserves, the Alliance will be a model of how citizens can work together to promote the greatest possible appreciation, protection and management of large nature preserves within a densely populated urban region.

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Photo by: Marlisa Roche