Connect with the desert like never before


The Desert Botanical Garden is committed to providing the community with learning opportunities and resources focused on the Sonoran Desert and the Southwestern United States.

Explore the learning options below:

Adult Classes & Workshops

Classes and workshops are offered year round and include photography, cooking, gardening, art, science, travel and wellness.

Desert Landscape School

Receive in-depth training in horticultural techniques and landscaping.

Children, Families & Educators

Children of all ages and their families can participate in hands-on, nature-based experiences in a fun and safe environment. The Garden offers guided and self-guided field trip options for schools, educational groups, and scouts as well as professional development opportunities for teachers.

Gardening Information

Gardening in the low-desert presents its own set of challenges and rewards. Let us help! Browse our library of gardening guides, gardening advice by month and more.


Find out more about our scholarships for graduate and advanced undergraduate students.