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Digital Learning Seventh Grade



The Digital Learning is designed to give students an introduction to the Sonoran Desert as a discovery tool to be used in the classroom, computer lab, library or at home. This tool, combined with the activity sheets, can be a classroom activity or take-home assignment before you begin your specific lesson from the unit.

The interdisciplinary curriculum is aligned with Arizona Academic Standards with specific emphasis in the life sciences and is intended to provide students and teachers the opportunity and resources for conducting plant-based investigations and to encourage outdoor exploration using science and technology. 

The Garden’s Digital Learning offers the following tools:

Inquiry in the Garden

The unit is divided into nine investigations for students to move through the different stages of the inquiry process as they learn about the Sonoran Desert.

Each stage involves students in the scientific method as they observe, ask questions, make predictions, conduct field investigations, test hypotheses, analyze results, state conclusions and publish their findings.

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Digital Desert

Online interactive tutorials that teach students about deserts and the Sonoran Desert habitat. 

In addition to the interactive tutorials, educators can download a grade appropriate Teacher’s Guide with learning activities and discussion questions to further investigate the Sonoran Desert.


What is a Desert?

Grades K-3

Students watch and learn about the three characteristics that define a desert.


What is a Desert?

Grades 4-8

Students watch and learn about the three characteristics that define a desert.


How are Deserts Formed?

Grades 4-8

Teaches students how deserts are formed.


Virtual Habitat

Grades K-8

Entice your students through the exploration of the Sonoran Desert using this interactive tool to discover the unique plants and animals that live here.

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Additional Resources

  • Classroom Library - a suggested book list customized for each grade
  • Desert Art - classroom projects that incorporate science and the Sonoran Desert
  • Desert Glossary - a complete list of terms and vocabulary found in the Digital Learning tools
  • Academic Standards - a complete list of standards covered by grade

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